A date with a woman from a Dating site ended with the murder of

The shocking incident took place in the Penza region. 45-year-old man registered on a Dating site to find a companion of life.

After some time he managed to get acquainted with the decent, as it seemed to him, woman. He appointed a date with her, but she refused. Instead, the woman asked him to buy food and alcohol and come to visit her. The man agreed.

As it turned out, the house she lived with her 38-year-old husband, who introduced her brother. When the couple watered his new friend, the villager began to get out of the pockets of the money men. But he woke up and started swearing. The husband then punched him in the face.

Making sure that the wife took all the valuables, previously convicted the owner of the house brought a boyfriend into the street, where he continued to beat. Then dragged to the bushes where several times hit a metal jar from-under paints in the head.

When the victim died, his wife burned things in the oven.

Photo: © Banowati

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