A drunken accident in Vitebsk: the driver tried to escape from GAI

A traffic accident occurred on the night of 10 February in Vitebsk.

The driver, being in an alcohol intoxication at a wheel of a motor vehicle of mark “Ford”, tried to disappear from employees of traffic police and got in an accident.

From this informed the press-service of traffic police of Vitebsk, posting information on the page of the office of “Vkontakte”.

As reported in UGAI ATC Vitebsk regional Executive Committee, it was reported that the street moves Novoorleanskoj Ford, and probably the driver was drunk.

Once the intruder saw the patrol car with included flashing lights, he attempted to escape, ignoring the repeated requests of militiamen to stop.

At some point, the driver, moving on the Moscow Avenue, lost control and left the roadway. Then the car crashed into the roadside stands.

29-the summer inhabitant of Vitebsk tried to escape from the traffic police, but was arrested. In respect of vitebchanin administrative reports.

Photo: UGAI ATC Vitebsk regional Executive Committee

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