An elderly Frenchman went on a journey across the Atlantic in a barrel

Frenchman Jean-Jacques Savin began the journey across the Atlantic in a barrel without an engine, sails and oars.

Soon the adventurer will be 72 years old. His birthday he will celebrate in a barrel three meters long, two meters in diameter and weighing 450 pounds.

In March next year, brave man expects to reach the Caribbean Islands.

Traveler all provided for their own comfort. Within the space of six square metres couch, kitchen corner, table for cards, space for storage, in floor – window to observe the fish. So fun to celebrate the New year and their birthday, he grabbed a bottle of expensive wine.

Your route Savin knows only approximately. Of course, everything will depend on wind and speed of the water flow. He hopes that it will naturally take him to the Caribbean Islands or the Isle of Barbados. But the best option would be the French island of Martinique or Guadeloupe.

Photo: AFP 2018 / Georges Gobet

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