Belarusians have searched the net in 2018 most often

It is known, what most of all interested in the Internet, Belarusians in the past year. Leading topics related to the world Cup. However, users from other countries also showed an increased interest in the world Cup – these queries were the most frequent in 2018.

Belarusians attention was riveted to the winter Olympics in South Korea, the second place on frequency of requests among sporting events. But in General, preference was given to children’s “Eurovision” and some TV series, – informs ONT.

The TOP queries Belarusian users entered a biography Stephen Hawking, who is known to have died this spring. A lot of the queries was related to the legendary Freddie mercury. The fact is that in 2018, the screens out the film “Bohemian Rhapsody”, which won an unequivocal victory on the number of requests in the field of cinema Belarusians.

With the word “buy” the inhabitants of the country often in a row put “apartment”, “car” and “ticket to ride”. In the category “music” most of all compatriots interested in the identity of the Belarusian Tim and the song of group “Leningrad” dedicated to March 8. By the way, the clip of this song with the participation of Vadim galygina and Anatoly Yarmolenko went through no fewer Belarusians.

Photo: © Banowati

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