Caused 63 strike: appear before the court of the Mogilev to death who beat his girlfriend

The court directed the criminal case against 41-year-old Mogilev.

Man awaits sentence for murder with special cruelty.

The incident happened on the grounds of conflict with the 39-year-old friend. A man and a woman at the time of the altercation were intoxicated. The accused started beating up his friend because of jealousy.

The aggressor was harming not only fists, but also metal cans, ceramic plates.

According to experts, the deceased was caused at least 63 of the blow. From the serious injuries the victim died on the spot.

As reported by SB Belarus, citing a statement by the senior Prosecutor of Department of Prosecutor of the region Elena Loseva, previously the defendant had been in trouble with the law for causing the same familiar less serious injuries.

Photo: © Banowati

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