Doctors saved a bleeding girl after three stops heart

A unique case occurred in the town of Pudozh (Karelia). The efficiency and professionalism of the doctors gave schoolgirl a “second” life.

15-year-old girl was wounded by a shard of glass. Unfortunately, due to a serious injury, the victim landed in the clavicular artery. A teenager was literally bleeding.

In the hospital the patient three times heart stopped. Doctors have established temporary blood circulation and put the girl on the operating table, where for three hours there was a heavy operation.

The surgeons were able to repair the artery and to give people a chance to live.

This is not all the amazing world events which happened in recent days. We recently wrote that a teacher from the USA fed the turtle a live puppy, but his actions justified.

In Japan, the fair was sold to the largest and most expensive in the world of fish.

Photo: © Banowati

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