Dream job: the applicant is offering to live on the island for 130 thousand dollars without a TV and Wi-Fi

In the United States are looking for employees on a very unusual job. To stay on the island required a couple who would be willing to forego some modern creature comforts.

Workers will have to do accounting of the hotel, cooking and cleaning. Tourists who come to the island, had to be transported by boat from the mainland and back. Despite this lengthy list of requirements, working in the hotel are not many. Moreover, it is only open four days a week. The rest of the time you can dedicate to yourself.

For the performance of simple duties stipulated wages in the amount of 130 thousand dollars a month. The only drawback , perhaps, is the complete lack of Internet and television.

The island is located in the heart of the Bay of San Pablo, at San Francisco. In April, the authorities plan to start the selection of candidates.

Photo: pixabay

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