Famous hockey player put flying to Moscow aircraft in Voronezh

Beat the stewardess hockey player turned world champion.

There are new details of the incident on Board the “Sochi-Moscow” incident that caused an emergency landing of an airliner in Voronezh in the morning on 1 January.

This was informed by Russian media, telling that the brawler who attacked a flight attendant, was the famous Russian hockey player.

According to sources, the police do not call the name of the “hero” of the day. But the report that he was 37 years old, athletic plays not only in Russia but abroad.

It became known that passengers of the business class drank a lot of whiskey. The athlete began to behave aggressively, using foul language. After I heard refusing to pour him more alcohol, he got into a fight.

Flight attendants tried to calm the man, but at some point the Russian player hit the stewardess. The woman fell, receiving the injuries. The athlete began to provoke a fight with the neighbor in the next seat.

After this the captain decided to interrupt the flight, the plane landed urgently in a nearby airport.

In Voronezh violent athlete met the police, who took the brawler. Initiated an administrative case on petty hooliganism.

Photo: © Banowati

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