“Find a club”: a Policeman went to jail for sexual play with a little boy

Seven years in prison received a police officer from Scotland.

The dock is 54-year-old operative was after he was caught during sexual play with a child.

After the tragedy, McLellan was assigned to the victim’s family and had to come back to them with checks. So, for a long time he became an insider in this house. Taking into account the fact that McLellan is the guardian of order, the parents have no problem trusting the police to look after their son.

As it turned out, more than a year he came to the boy in order to make intimate pranks.

The man was lying on the couch and played a game called “Find a club”. Thus, the child is constantly touching the genital organs McLellan. Moreover, the game involves the change of roles. So in a few hours “club look” was he an old policeman.

Photo: Mirror

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