“Good Christmas tale.” ROC stood up for “Irony”

Andrey Myagkov responded harshly to the Metropolitan criticism “ironically”.

Soviet and Russian actor Andrey Myagkov, who performed the role of Eugene Lukashin in the film “Irony of fate or With light steam!”, commented on dissatisfaction with the film of the Ryazan Metropolitan Mark, who expressed his private opinion that the film is contrary to Christian principles.

This is reported by Russian media, commenting on the words of the Metropolitan of that Church teaches people to work and work hard, not to betray loved ones. In the new film country says that you can meet, sit, drink, and a miracle will happen by itself.

According to other representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, the film “Irony of fate” is a beautiful and good Christmas tale, which tells the story of love and friendship. The Metropolitan expressed his personal opinion, it may differ from the majority opinion.

The actor Andrey Myagkov sympathized with the Metropolitan, spoke out about his mental abilities harshly.

Photo: from open sources

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