In Afghanistan under insurgent attack killed 10 people

In Afghanistan, the insurgents launched attacks in Kandahar.

12 January 2019 in Afghanistan, the militants carried out two attacks. There are dead. Was attacked by objects in Kandahar province. This is reported by the world media.

One of the goals of militant attacks was a checkpoint. During the shooting killed five police officers and two were wounded. The Taliban killed seven people and six were wounded.

Another attack occurred on a police station in Kandahar. Among the dead are two policemen, three civilians and one militant. Another four civilians were wounded.

Earlier it was reported that in France there has passed the next action “yellow jackets.” On the streets of the French cities left thousands of opponents of the incumbent President of the country. There were clashes with the police. Used tear gas and rubber bullets. Hundreds of detainees.

Photo: Reuters

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