In Belarusian the orphanage a few months raped a ten-year girl

In the shelter of the Grodno region for the past two months, older students were raped 10-year-old girl.

This information was announced at a press conference, Viktor Korzun, the Prosecutor of the Hrodna region.

At the press conference raised the issue of child protection.

Korzun suggested to install surveillance cameras in the homes. They are essential in those places where children are without adult supervision.

At the press conference, the Prosecutor told a story that happened in one of the shelters of the Grodno region.

In 2016 a minor was taken from a dysfunctional family and temporarily set in an orphanage. However, there’s a little girl has become a victim of violence. She was molested by the older boys. Other students knew about it, but I was afraid for anyone to tell.

According to Viktor Korzun, the attackers were not punished, because not reached the age of majority. The Prosecutor fears that such crimes may occur in the shelters and at the present time.

Photo: © Banowati

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