In Bobruisk, a passerby saved a drunken man from a burning house

In Bobruisk, a passerby rescued the man on fire.

In Bobruisk was burning semi-detached house on Pushkina street. Rescuers information about the fire was received on 8 January this year.

About it informs the press service of the emergencies Ministry of Belarus. Reportedly, the owner of the home was rescued by passers-by.

In the afternoon, when the fire started in the apartment, a passerby heard the cries of people for help. In the apartment fire, was a man.

The man opened the door and found her lying on the floor of the tenant. He safely made it to fresh air.

The doctors after examination, the victim was urgently hospitalized. According to preliminary information, the man was in an alcohol intoxication.

Rescuers quickly eliminated the fire. The fire damaged the mattress and bed linen, floor boards. One of the reasons of the fire – careless handling of fire while Smoking.

Photo: MCHS RB

Video: Youtube

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