In Borisov on fire 2 people were saved.

In Borisov there was a fire. The residents managed to save.

The fire occurred in the night from 9 to 10 January 2019 in apartment apartment houses in Borisov. At the time of ignition in the home were two people. The details of the incident told in the Minsk regional Department of the emergencies Ministry of Belarus.

Arrived at the emergency rescuers managed to pull out of the house the landlord and his brother. Men rushed to the hospital with the preliminary diagnosis “a poisoning with burning products”.

The cause of the fire is established.

For the last duty day in the Minsk region registered 5 fires: Minsk (2), Pukhovichi, Smolevichi and Borisov districts. The victims on the fires there. Two persons suffered.

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Photo: © Banowati

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