In luninyets for the organization of the crack house College student was sentenced to 5.5 years in prison

In luninyets 18-year-old student of the College organized a drug den.

It is reported that the boy lived with his grandmother in Mikashevichi. The young man’s mother was working in Russia.

In a vacant apartment enterprising student of the College organized a drug den. The young man had the keys to the apartment and were free to visit at any time convenient to him.

So, since may, the young man was invited there friends. Adolescents used marijuana, which the young man kept in a box on the balcony. The grandmother of a teenager nothing suspicious noticed.

In August of this year, the apartment was searched. The police seized not only marijuana, but also the associated accessories.

Against the defendant in a criminal case under part 2 of article 332 and part 2 of article 328 of the criminal code. A young man goes to jail for five years and six months.

Photo: © Banowati

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