In Magnitogorsk the pensioner died from Belarus

Today it became known that in the collapse the entrance of the apartment building in Magnitogorsk killed the singer. According to media reports, the victim of a terrible accident was 95-year-old Olga Anisimova.

The name of the native of Belarus appears in the lists published by the Russian Ministry of emergency situations. It is known that Olga Anisimova was born in the village of Bozok Osipovichi district. In Russia she lived the last eight years.

Lipinskogo representatives of the village Council, which includes the above mentioned village, confirmed that killed the native D. Bozok. However, I do not know who could take the pensioner in the distant Magnitogorsk, writes “Nasha Niva”.

We will add that according to the latest data, the death toll of the collapse of the entrance of the 10-storey building in Magnitogorsk amounted to 37 people. Including, killing six children. The cause of the tragedy, according to the preliminary version, was the explosion of household gas.

Photo: EMERCOM of Russia in the Chelyabinsk region

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