In Minsk, a man with a gun robbed gas station

In Minsk attacked one of the gas stations. This was reported by representatives of the Minsk police.

The police establish the identity of the perpetrator of the holdup. The incident happened on 21 December at 22:25 in the premises of filling stations, located in Annaev.

The man stole the day’s earnings, threatening the cashier with a subject similar to the gun. On the fact of robbery criminal case.

Criminals from 30 to 35 years, growth about 180 centimetres. Medium build. Face was bright medical mask. Was dressed in a dark leather jacket to the waist with two lateral zippers from the lock on the chest, blue jeans, black sneakers. On hand were cloth gloves, on her head a black knit cap.

The robber limps on the left foot. Citizens who may know something about a wanted criminal, militiamen ask to inform by phones (017) 239-41-75, 239-41-76 or 102. Privacy guaranteed.

Photo: video screenshot main police Department of Minsk

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