In Minsk, the children were cooking fries and started a fire in the apartment

Sunday afternoon in Minsk burned apartment. The fire occurred at No. 94 on the street Kamennogorsk. Tenants at 15:03 called rescuers, – has informed representatives of the Minsk city emergency management.

When the staff arrived at the scene of an emergency, the flame already escaped from the window located on the 2nd floor of the apartment. The fire was quickly extinguished.

A little later it turned out that in this apartment without adult supervision were children – the boys are 9,10 and 12. Dad was at work and mom went on about their business.

The children decided to cook French fries. On electric stove they put in the pot where we poured sunflower oil, which broke. Then the eldest child has tried to fill it with water, causing the fire got bigger and spread to the curtains and walls.

Children are afraid to tell mom or MES about the fire. Terrified, they ran outside. This saved their lives.

Photo: Minsk city emergency management

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