In Mogilev Mercedes knocked the worker, in the traffic light

On Tuesday, January 8, in Mogilyov happened transportation-traffic accident at the intersection of Minsk highway – Kalinowski.

It is reported that the collision occurred two cars Dodge Stratus and Mercedes-Benz.

The cause of the accident is 27-year-old driver of the Dodge Stratus that when you rebuild do not give way to the car Mercedes-Benz ML350, at the wheel which there was a Russian at the age of 40 years.

Due to the sharp braking, the Mercedes skidded on the dividing strip.

As a result, the car crashed into a traffic light prop and knocked the 28-year-old worker who was repairing a traffic light.

As explained in the ATC Mogilev regional Executive Committee, at the moment the worker is in the hospital. Is checked.

Photo: Department of internal Affairs of Mogilev regional Executive Committee



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