In Norway, the kidnapped wife of a millionaire and demanded a ransom in bitcoin

The media reported that unknown persons kidnapped the wife of one of the richest entrepreneurs of Norwegian Tom Hagen.

68-year-old Anna-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen has gone missing in the last year. The attackers had planned his crime so that the abduction of the elderly woman didn’t get on a surveillance camera.

They left a note in which asked not to report the incident to the police and to prepare the ransom.

Law enforcement officers are searching in secrecy so as not to expose the wife of billionaire danger. However, ten weeks of her nothing is known.

The criminals asked Tom nine million euros that the businessman will have to transfer to bitcoin.

However, the police forbade him to pay the ransom. After such a translation is impossible to trace the whereabouts of the bandits.

Photo: © REUTERS / NTB Scanpix

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