In Polotsk district was burned. Considered arson

In the Polotsk district on the fire killed a man.

Late in the evening of 3 January 2019 in the village of Krivopishina (Polotsk district) burned a house belonging to a citizen in 1965. Details of the tragic incident was reported in the Vitebsk regional emergency Department.

The fire destroyed the roof of the house and damaged the ceiling, sooty walls and property. At the scene was found the body of a man. His personality and gender are established.

The cause of the fire currently unknown. According to the preliminary version, it was arson. The investigation is ongoing. Are the circumstances of the death of a man.

In the Vitebsk region for the last duty day there was 4 fire, which killed 2 people and damaged 4 buildings.

Photo: © Banowati

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