In the Minsk region a drunk company detained for attack on policeman

The attack occurred in the district center.

It all started with the fact that in the regional center on the street Peramozhtsaw arrived the inspector of traffic police to check a suspicious car at Brest rooms.

The employee dorozhno-patrol service has demanded documents from three men who were in the car. In response to the 30-year-old man grabbed the inspector for uniform and began to insult under the influence of alcohol.

The cops quickly calmed down the intruder, but he came to the aid of friends that were sitting in the car. They twice struck the inspector of traffic police in the face.

At the scene were called in reinforcements – the men were detained.

Three offenders criminal share under article 364 of the criminal code (violence or threat of application of violence concerning the employee of internal Affairs bodies).

Photo: © Banowati

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