In the Pond arrived “petrol thief” and merged 176л diesel

In the Svetlogorsk district, bred largest “operator” of diesel fuel. It was established that in the night from 21 to 22 December from pots equipment on the territory of the sand pit “Sadovitsa” near the village Pond, he poured 176 litres of diesel fuel.

The value of the stolen fuel is estimated at 271 rouble, – have informed in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Homel regional Executive Committee. The crime was committed by 41-year-old unemployed resident of the village of Kazansk in the Kalinkovichi district.

Curiously, the “petrol thief” in for the kill went to the far way – a man drove 40 kilometers on your car. Making dirty deed, he went back to his home.

The man didn’t manage to sell fuel. He was arrested. Concerning the malefactor criminal case, the stolen fuel is withdrawn.

Photo: Department of internal Affairs of the Gomel regional Executive Committee

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