In the United States is not running the government, the national parks are drowning in garbage and feces

Because of the inaction of the US government national parks filled with garbage and feces.

For leisure stopped to watch the staff of the parks, as it is unpaid leave.

Residents complain of overcrowding in public restrooms and widespread debris.

Due to the extensive contamination already had to close some parks of the Sierra Nevada and Sequoia.

The situation has even reached the point that to clean up the garbage began their own businesses operating in the parks.

The reason house is the lack of congressional agreement on the budget. The government stopped working from 22 December, when the administration of the tramp are unable to agree with the Democrats the question of financing in the amount of $5.

The money the US President plans to direct the construction of the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

Photo: pixa bay

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