In the US Tesla on autopilot down a Russian robot

Tesla, operated in autopilot mode, he shot down a Russian robot.

This video was posted on YouTube-channel company. As it became known, the incident occurred in Las Vegas, USA. Robots were sent to the pavilion for the annual electronics show.

One model of the robot deviated from the route, leaving on-street Parking, where he came under the wheels of the car Tesla.

On it informs Russian “Television 360”, reporting that on a scene there has arrived police.

It became known that during the accident inside the car was the passenger.

The developers of the robot said that this exhibition copy received significant head injuries, the mechanism of the arms, parts of the body and platform move.

In the end, it is not recoverable and will not be able to participate in the exhibition.

As reported, the Russian robots perform the functions of the consultant, they are able to serve customers, telling them about products and services.

Photo: Channel 360

Video: Youtube

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