In the USA prisoner took his own life after 11 years of waiting for the execution

American prisoner could not stand waiting for their death penalty and had committed suicide.

The incident occurred in Nevada. Accused of the murder of two people, Scott Dozier was waiting for the verdict more than 11 years.

In jail he came in 2002 as he dealt with an unknown man in Las Vegas. Then he was given a life sentence.

Five years later, the punishment was toughened, as in the criminal case there is evidence to support the murder of another person. So, Scott was sentenced to death. However, the execution date all the time tolerated. Lawyers explained this lack of injection.

A few days ago, police found the lifeless body Dosiere in his cell. In fact the incident is checked.

Throughout the duration of imprisonment Dozier was waiting for that he may have been killed. Prisoner repeated that stay in the cell survival.

Photo: © Banowati

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