In Vitebsk grandmother ran away from a traffic police inspector. What happened?

A policeman caught up with grandma. And detained her. There was a very unusual incident in Vitebsk. The case came in the video growing number of views in the Network at an incredible pace. Many users are outraged by the actions of the inspector.

Recently Vitebsk traffic police commented on a video in the group “the Vitebsk, baby” the social network “Vkontakte”. It depicts how the grandmother tries to escape from the inspector. He catches her and she screams loudly.

The author reports that it happened around the bridge of Metal. Representatives of the traffic police noted that the woman was trying to cross the roadway outside the crosswalk. For it received a verbal warning.

“For this offence she was brought to administrative responsibility in the form of a warning”, – stated in the official comments.

Photo: screenshot of video of the band “the Vitebsk, baby”

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