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Topic: Saddam's Execution  (Read 2074 times)
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« on: December 31, 2006, 06:44:57 PM »

It goes without denying that Saddam Hussein's regime, including Saddam himself, were engaged in certain atrocious and criminal acts, but it seems that this was a necessity brought about by the cruel reality of the Iraqi-Arab street mentality and not simply by an evil mind that had many good choices but settled only on the worst ones by evil intent.

The killing of the Iraqi ayatollah and his sister, by the Baathist interrogators in the late 70's comes to mind as particular examples of the kind of deprecating evil committed under the Saddam regime, so does too the televised 1980 calling-out of national (regime) enemies during the Saddam-presided parliamentary session or the vicious excesses of the rackets run by Saddam's unruly sons. Perhaps also his army's poison gas attack on the Kurdish guerrila possition in the north during which the civilians died ought to be considered a crime even if it was done to protect the stability of Iraq. Americans and their puppets have killed more and caused more deaths in Iraq than all the previous Iraqi dictators put together and nobody will call them to account for it.

Not to be forgotten are the foolhardy, great-power gambits by Saddam in one failed foreign policy venture after another (Iran invasion in 1979 and Kuwait invasion in 1990).

However, nothing else has proven to be more indicative of the kind of deep-seated primitivism and unseemly lack of all patriotic and national-unity sense than the recent hanging execution of the proud Iraqi dictator and de-facto ruler for over 30 years.
Old King Faisal was under no illusion as to what kind of people the British entrusted him with a power over, and he did not hide his conclusions about what passes for Iraqi people.

However, only under Saddam did Iraq achieve the kind of reputable standing in the world (not in the least because of all the oil-revenue-generated investments his state government spent on hospitals, schools, universities, factories, military industries, mosques and historical-archaeological artifacts).

The shame of the imperialistic and greedy American invasion of Iraq for the sake of cheap lies that covered-up simplistic (and ultimately failed) reasoning, brought his country down into the depths of depravity and economic, social and spiritual abyss the likes of which not even Egypt under the infamous "Hyksos" period experienced.

Throughout his trial Saddam maintained an air of true gentlemanliness, statesmanship and patriotism. He went down honorably as a man ought to.

It is quite telling as to how much shortage of true men there is in Iraq right now when no real men (properly bred and properly trained) could be found to conduct even the dictator's hanging execution properly and lawfully. Instead, some street thugs who are no smarter and no more virtuous than a toilet seat were the best that this pathetic little empty suit aka Maliki-run Iranian-American proxy racket regime could muster ?

Saddam's words show that he cared about what he thought and felt was his country even at the end when he opposed this myopic sectarian partisanship so stupidly and so shamefully on display by the cowardly hooded thugs in the Saddam execution video. These must be the ones who are quite apt at deeds of this sort for they are seasoned in murdering ordinary Iraqis every day now that the new and worthless Iraqi freedoms are protected by the hapless American soldiers.

Saddam was the state of Iraq.

In a deeply spiritual and historic way Saddam triumped in death if he could not in life.
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