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Topic: The West vs The Rest  (Read 3339 times)
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Facta Infecta Fieri Nequeunt!

« on: February 07, 2007, 08:54:32 PM »

The reason for  author Victor Davis Hanson's idea of Western Way of War's supremacy in the Age of Exploration (1500-1800) and the Age of Colonization (1600-1900).

One huge and hitherto unmentioned point is the fact that all these dates and centuries that denote important discoveries and organizational-technological development only have a deep meaning for the Westerners and can under no circumstances (even today or ever) be as important to the non-Western peoples whose historical prime time was so long ago.

They even today (and certainly tomorrow) mark all their important dates by this or that successful or unsuccessful rebellion against the White (or Western-European/American) powers - and even within these nations - especially in the United States - where for example the Civil Rights movement long ago established itself as a friend of every Communist, or revolutionary-liberal (of Fidel, of Che or of Allende, etc.), Islamic or merely anti-White nationalist movement in the World.
This was fervently on display during the chaos years of the Vietnam War.

In 2000, Hemingway's Colonialism-diagnosis as "White Man's Burden" certainly no longer exists in the sense in which it existed in 1900, but it is still appears to be there on a more abstract (more subtly thought-out) level but brought into question everywhere nowadays, whether on 9/11, in the Iraq fiasco of today, in the recent Chinese satellite-destruction missile test or at Natanz nuclear facility in Iran.

The advantages that the Western Culture introduced in practice enabling it the mighty right to claim possession of the entire globe (the first civilization in History to achieve that level of outreach) owes its success to several factors.

The first of these advantages involved technology, and in particular improvements made to military firearms by mid-century.

"With the introduction of the Minié ball, the smooth-bore musket was rapidly replaced by the rifle, at least in comparative terms, given the former’s dominance of the European
battlefield since the seventeenth century." 1

The second of these changes was what was really a major increase in the number of Europeans that were available for service in Africa and the Far East, which in itself came about as a result of the advances in Western scientific and technical sophistication, especially in the medical, bacteriological field.

The routine crippling of British railway tracks in China by the Chinese peasants did not stop the British designs on China in the 19th century.

It matters ABSOLUTELY NOT whether the Europeans controlled, ran or merely profited from their incursions into the Far East - for they needed the age-old and unchanging indigenous systems of business and government (whether the rule of the Hindu rajas, Turkish pashas/satraps or Mughal sepoys) to profit from it by sucking up the raw material resources and some finished products (like tea and opium) to supply the home industries with in order to afford the lavish White wages back home (which were protected by the Colonial system) and secure the industrial base at home or by meddling into the indigenous affairs of government in order to secure advantageous deals to amass personal fortunes (along the lines of the true Western Julius Caesar-style will-to-power and domination exhibited by one Sir Cecil Rhodes (and his private army, which, much like East India Company ran most of the indigenous areas) - the epitome of multi-faceted Western prowess during the high period of Western world-wide dominance).

"The third of these changes relates to improvements in transportation and supply through the nineteenth century. As the railway changed the face of not merely the European economy but of the manner in which the European states made war on each other, so the railway increased imperialism’s potency and, for the indigenous populations, its lethality." 2

Also important, however, and particularly as it relates to the broader, non-military value of sea power, was the importance placed on trade as the raison d’etre for European expansion into the East.

"It would not be until the mid-eighteenth century, and then in response to perceived European threats to existing possessions rather than in pursuit of territorial expansion for its own sake, that British regular soldiers were dispatched to India. Despite this, until the Indian Mutiny it would be the private army of the East India Company and not the Crown’s forces that secured the Indian subcontinent." 3

It is obvious that what Lawrence James so aptly called “the unofficial British Empire” (the part of the empire run by the private interests) possessed more area-specific power than even the official British Empire (the part of the empire officially run by the British government). The adventures of HMS Neobe in the Caribbean and Atlantic (it kept humiliating the Spanish and indigenous governors of the little parochial satrapies for their mistreatment of Western nationals) the story of the H.E.I.C. as well as the creation of Rhodesia by Sir Cecil Rhodes, the British India merchants who started The Opium Wars with China all testify to the veracity of this claim.

Let it be noted once and for all that maritime imperialism, the expression of the essential West-European striving towards Infinity (the deep spiritual mark of this world) began to assume large forms from the time when the economic outlet in the direction of Asia was politically barred by the Turkish conquest of Constantinople in 1453.

This was the deeper motive for the discovery of oversea routes to the East Indies
by the Portuguese and the discovery of the West Indies and America by the Spanish - with the great powers of the period behind them.

The dominant motives were no doubt the echoes of the forcefully rapid nature shown by the Nordic barbarians who stormed the senile Roman Empire in the Age of Migrations whose descendants were the conquistadores and the explorers of the late "Middle Ages". To be specific, the European drive for exploration was powered by ambition, love of adventure, delight in battle and danger, and a thirst for gold. The discovered lands were to be conquered and ruled over; moreover, they were to be made to strengthen the power of the Habsburgs in European combinations (a fact overlooked in all the analyses offered by every text in this week's reading). This avoidance of the magnificent fact of European power at the root of which was for the longest time – the dynastic idea and fact of ultra-noble families.

The vision of an overseas trading empire (its early stirrings were evident in the Outremer" idea of the Crusading period) over which THE SUN NEVER SET was a political vision, the consequence of superior statesmanship and only as such a field of economic reward. England won her wealth by battles and not by bookkeeping and stock-

This is the sole reason why England, for all its outwardly deceiving liberal thinking and talking (something that even our lecturer professor Lynde fell for without a doubt 4) REMAINED IN PRACTICE THE MOST CONSERVATIVE COUNTRY OR PEOPLE IN EUROPE. Even today this is apparent, I have known a number of good Englishmen and I could sense their ingrained conservatism far more readily than anywhere else on the Continent.


1 Seminar II. Lecture 9 "The Overseas Expansion. Part II: To the East"
Lecture Author: Professor Adam Lynde, Delta State University. p. 4

2 ibid. p.4

3 ibid. p.6

4 He forgot one pearl of Classical wisdom (as most so-called historians of the day do) "DUBITANDO AD VERITATEM
PARVENIMUS" ["only by doubting do we arrive at the actuality"]

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("Willing Individuals Advance On the Wings of Destiny - Unwilling Ones Stagger-on by Destiny's Coattails.")

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« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2007, 11:19:18 AM »

Has the West Really Given Up on Colonialism?

Is the colonial/imperialist involvement in its former colonies as Seneca suggests?
Although the great colonial period ended in the sweeping tide of independence and 'liberation' struggles in the later half of the 20th Century, the West still 'dabbles' in the politics and frequent wars of the old colonies - either by proxy or directly.
In addition the previously anti-imperialism of the USA displayed by the Roosevelt administration in the 1930's and 1940's has been replaced by the post-colonial 'World Policeman' role that US foreign policy slide into from Vietnam onwards. (What else is the current role of US forces in sub-Saharan Africa? or Afghanistan? the shambolic episode in Somalia? Black Hawk Down etc.)
The French have continued a semi-colonial role in Chad, Central African Republic. and Niger, using the troops of the French Foreign Legion 'on contract' to the supposed governments of those unfortunate countries rather than regular French Army or Airforce personnel.
The British Army has 'intervened' in conflicts in Sierra Leone and its Special Forces (SAS and SBS) frequently and discreetly operate 'on loan' to former colonies and certain African states.
The West is still fighting to control parts of former empires and the USA cannot make its mind up whether or not it is a colonial/imperial power of sorts.
The old "Scramble for Africa" and the "Great Game" have been resurrected with new players but remain a focus for the West.
For some old colonies the 'Liberation Struggles' have effectively been window dressing for failed experiments in independence.
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To Understand Everything Means To Forgive Everyone.
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Facta Infecta Fieri Nequeunt!

« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2007, 08:15:34 AM »

What my colleague Northlander describes is the management-less, post-Colonial chaos, the speculative free-for-all that post-Colonialism. He would no doubt agree that the high historic form-powered Colonialist World would have never allowed the kinds of heinous excesses that now go on as a matter of fact and do not even require the usual Liberal circumlocutions to be excused.

This rotten West of today is even turning parts of Europe into African-style free-for-all "Free economic zones" where corruption, rape of resources, mercenary contracts and destruction of those human beings (like the White settlers) who stand in the way of stock-exchange democracy and its reckless speculative influence upon those unfortunate enough to be totally left up to the "Free Market" all go unreported by the Big Media which is nothing but a PRAVDA of today designed to keep the "BIG POSITIVE PICTURE" in place.

In fact, this Big Media serves the cynical opportunism of this high-tech Vikingism of today by under-reporting or ignoring facts unsuited for its glorified circumlocutions involving the politically-correct lingo fit for a sunken population unable to affect life around it in a proactive fashion, and by pretending that it still upholds the high Liberal principles (those that yesterday inspired generations of White and Colored masses but today bore to death even the most educated crowds) it condemns whole countries that secretly stand in the way of NEW YORK and its legions of parasitical abstract financiers (the one that destroyed the USA itself when it replaced productive manufacturing with Walmarts and other massive middlemen) - such as it did with Serbia in 1999 (a corrupt little principality on the fringes of Europe - but still in possession of enough tradition-trained men to be able to resist the insulting NATO plans setup against it). Siera Leone is an example of an African "safari country" fit for local and foreign mercenaries intent on killing each other for the control of the supply-points (mines) of Canadian "De Beers Corporation" World Diamond Monopoly. So let us heap the praise on the chaos that the Western Liberalism has produced at home and abroad by cheering-on the defunct kids in Africa who maimed still clinch their weapons guarding diamond mines for a pitiable reward from their local Black pimps. The White youth of the West for that matter too has been sold down the drain of largely Western-originated vulgar profit-making schemes, making legions of mentally and spiritually defunct future adults that burden rather than help the society. Such is democracy-in-action in its final throes.

Even its founder, the entrepreneurial Sir Cecil Rhodes, would be disgusted down to his bones by what is taking place now on top of what he had done in Africa when he founded his diamond monopoly out of which De Beers arose.

To prepare the destruction of Milosevic Serbia and its carve-up (similar in principle to what waas done to Germany at Yalta) - CIA and NATO planted a "Walker Mission" into Kossovo province in order to conjure up an excuse for an ultimatum and attack on Serbia (which is what happened with the "Ratchak Massacre"). One really needed to be in the West at the time to witness the spectacle of Western Media wires, like AP and Reuters, aggressively and deliberately misreporting a minor story of violence inside Serbia in order to create a polarized public and a sufficient pressure on the politicians to order an attack.

Today, Kossovo (like Afghanistan and Bosnia) ostensibly under an American boot (the American military base in Kossovo is called "Bondsteel"), enjoys all the money that the con-sumerist sub-culture of America can bestow upon it - such as prostitution, drugs, ghost credit finance money and cheap chocolates. However, the Afghanistan poppy seed agriculture is streaming HEROIN into Europe through Iran and Turkey and Albania into Kossovo (the distribution point for 80% of Europe's heroin market). According to the Serbian ministry of interior (which is today under the American tutelage like the rest of what is left of Serbia) there are on any given day 3000 tons of HEROIN on standby for shipping via (EU TIR trucks and Italian boats) in Kossovo.

Today, the bought and paid-for agents of the American criminal world-racket, like the Finnish Marti Antisari, "the UN's Special Envoy for Kossovo," are completing a final act of humiliation of Serbia but also of Europe at large as it stood for centuries true to its own Culture (Whcih was the first victim of this evil form of globalization) by having the 3rd World types comprising Kossovo's Albanian Muslim population rampage through the ill-gotten province, murdering and torturing every minority (even the anti-majority one among its own), destroying and desecrating the age-old European Christian spiritual and cultural relics (ancient monasteries and, churches and forts - the symbols of Kossovo's non-3rd World past) and accosting and killing the new "Rourke's Drift" of Europe - the last redoubt of the Serbian minority in Kossovo at the northern city of Mitrovica.

There is a particularly beautiful AND RARE example of Romanesque Church in Kossovo (today guarded by barbed wire, a few Serbian monks and some Italian UN force jeeps and armed personnel [this is freedom that NATO beings?]) called "Vissoki Detchani" ('Tall Detchani') because it represents a perfect example of what Spengler called "Historic Pseudomorphosis" in which a new and totally different style is arising out of a foundation in another cultural style (the Western Gothic trying to break free from the dogmatic mold of the established Byzantine Greek church style). It does not matter that it is listed on UNESCO's World Heritage list of protected sites.

UN's Antisari is trying to make Serbia accept the surrender of Kossovo to the 3rd World Kossovar Albanians who will be then officially sanctioned to gross the drug trade profits and other lucrative contracts involving the Americans. Why? Because there will be total darkness then in which nobody will be held to account for the criminal activities in Kossovo.

"War on drugs"? "War on poverty"? "War for democracy"?

These are merely shameful catchphrases of the century that some day posterity will look upon with utter shame and disgust - much like the Ancient Egyptians looked upon their "Hyksos Period."

But nothing significant in this World will happen until the first American air-craft carriers (which are, ironically, manned by some of the really best men that the West still can count among its sagging membership) start sinking into the ocean depths where they will join Bismarck and HMS Hood, I am sad to report.

As much as the American Military is preventing the horrific consequences of this age of Western misrule to come back home to bite - it is inevitable that the only positiive changes at home will take place only AFTER a major military defeat takes place abroad.

One needs to glance back at the Classical Civilization to understand precisely what is taking place.
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("Willing Individuals Advance On the Wings of Destiny - Unwilling Ones Stagger-on by Destiny's Coattails.")

"In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with God, and the Logos was God." - Gospel According To John
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