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Topic: History Is Shaped by Powerful Minorities  (Read 5581 times)
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« on: January 01, 2009, 07:56:50 PM »

The historical counterweight to the rule of city-law has always been the rights of the successful party. For Sons of Nature at heart - paper-rights that somehow guarantee their freedom in the Nature of Cosmos would feel like an insult! That is why - for the sons of a city - paper rights are everything because they surrendered themselves to a prescribed and so all the more artificial methods of existence, in prison-like corridors and shielded by walls from the country at large. It is a fact that for a peasant of sound stock, in Europe, and in fact, the world over, these liberal ideas of freedom never amount to anything of substance. He is also far too shrewd not to see through an intellectual city-dweller. It is just thanks to the shallow roots of American existence on the soil of North America that prevented anyone from having a peasant relation to the soil (not even the hunter-gatherer native Indians, for the most part, had that sort of relation). Instead, America used to have farmers. Farmers are, by definition, just managers of land, its exploiters who can move-on whenever it suits them to do so. A peasant, on the other hand, stakes his existence on his roots in the soil, on his actual possession of the land. Like a plant, he is the fullest animal expression of pure plantlike growth, a race at its clearest level. I am sure that Sorel wanted to be another Plato with his ideal republic in hand, all perfectly outlined on a scroll. It's just that Sorel, unlike the brave Plato, never attempted to put his ideals into practice, so he can feel the bitter nature of failure or the defeat of idealism. I suppose Sorel chose the easier path - and hypocritically attempted to convince his audience that this ideal exists in practice somewhere.....by Seneca
(conservative libertarian)

Let us however face facts courageously and not be side-stepped by idealistic concepts.

There is no exaggeration in the fact that a plethora of private Western interests accosts every foreign policy move the West makes under an unfortunate boot of statesmanship-instincts-free American leadership (certainly on ignominious world-display since Wilson) - like a cloud of scavenging flies around a corpse of an American foreign policy - which has made the so-called "Iraqi War" nothing more than an 'American Business War in Iraq'. (I do not have to cite the various types that flocked under the banner of "Mission Accomplished" to prove this fact (with conflicting or not interests), although it suffices to take note of various security cowboys on the ground with a private gain purpose in mind, oil companies, truckers, dubious financiers with deep strings in Washington, gangsters, Al-Qaeda missionaries, Iranian agents, etc.). In the point of Historic significance - the so-called "liberation" of Iraq was nothing more than another consequence of the fact that an ancient civilization had collapsed - and its soil-bound, peasant-mentality-dominated hapless survivors are being toyed with and exploited by a cluster of predatory foreign powers, no more and no less than the disconcerted Roman population of the fallen Classical Imperium had been in the 5th and the 6th century at the hands of the northern barbarians (as well as domestic bandit-groups like "Gangs of Bula"), or the fallen Egyptian Imperium had had to endure after the fall of the "New Kingdom" (when its history turned it into a juggling object changing foreign hands from century to century) - and especially so in the case of the Chinese "Middle Kingdom" (i.e. "Orbis Terrarum") after the Yellow Turban revolt which spelled an end to the proud Age of Han (a global turbulence coinciding with the fall of the Roman Imperium for reasons beyond the scope of this commentary). The homeland of the Arabian Civilization, Mesopotamia (Iraq), has also been introduced to this state of things in the Cosmos of Nature after the bloody series of revolutionary centuries (8th and 9th) resulting in the rise of the Turkomen praetorians who then proceeded to carve up the Arabian world into their own fiefdoms serving their own private interests (starting with the "First Sultan" Alp Arslan and his descendants) under a mask of Quranic platitudes and divine exoneration (at least they allowed (symbolically) the Caliph to continue living in Baghdad under a virtual city-arrest as their religious-political puppet in order to preserve the nominal legitimacy of their usurpation of rule).

A united imperium (like that which we call "China"), overall, is rather an exception than a rule in its long History, because the shadow population, that puzzling mix of basic survival and refined intellect, a trait which Herodotus noted on his travels in ancient Egypt (another example of a politically fallen, internally exhausted, imperium), clings on to the traditions and viewpoints that have been inbred through the strong cultural inheritance factor. To be sure, various tendencies continue their uneasy existence under an umbrella of Fellahdom, eternal barbarism in the beast of man, peasant preoccupation with continuous survival in the soil of Nature, refined intellect of a few dilapidated urban centers that linger on impervious to the goings-on around them, - all combine to form a precarious state of things in a population-field of a fallen imperium.

The following quote from an excellent book by the late Iris Chang, "The Rape of Nanking" (in itself an operation no different than any other operation in which a foreign barbarian horde (from the standpoint of the civilized locals, anyway) took a possession of a location by force), and for that matter Scipio (the Younger's) Roman legions before Carthage, Alarich's chieftains and their retinues in Rome, Gua Feng's Mongols in Song China's capital Lin'an, Russians in Berlin, Americans in Iraq, etc. - reveals the metaphysical difference between the conquering natures and the stark historical nature of a spiritually-defeated Fellah-mentality (through the eyes of a Japanese soldier):

"I thought how could they become prisoners, with the kind of force they had - more than two battalions -
and without even trying to show any resistance. There must have been a considerable number of officers
but all of them slipped away and escaped. Although we had two companies, and those seven thousand
prisoners had already been disarmed, our troops could have been annihilated had they decided to rise up and revolt.

They all walked in droves, like ants crawling on the ground.
They looked like a bunch of homeless people, with ignorant expressions on their faces.
A herd of ignorant sheep, marched on in the darkness, whispering to each other.
They hardly looked like the enemy who only yesterday was shooting at and troubling us. It was impossible to believe they were the enemy soldiers.

It felt quite foolish to think that we have been fighting to the death against these ignorant slaves."

(most were soon thereafter shot in the night)

I can imagine that in America, unless the White races go totally extinct, the so-called trailer-trash and countryfolk would form a population-basis of a fellah-world of the future West in its fallen imperium state of things. Let us not think for a moment that the metropoleis which dominated our entire wakeful existence today will prove strong enough to defy History. Alexandria, the gem of the Classical Imperium, lost its citizens, just like New York City shall some day, not because they were conquered, murdered or forced out - but because they gave it up once the financial system collapsed. Cities are a sustained by money only and money is an intellectual force. Once the intellect exhausts itself, it takes up a life of books in surviving libraries - but it is no longer a factor (let alone the dominant!) of real life. Race always re-conquers intellect. As Marcus Aennius Seneca wisely warned:

['Immortal gods, though slow, are certain punishers of Mankind' -
"Sunt di immortales lenti quidem, sed certi vindices generis humani." - Seneca (Controversiae, V)]

The truly decisive factors in human History have always been bands of warlike men (an organized minority) and not masses of populace (human herds) - and the so-called American War in Iraq is another case in point on this subject - because it took (let us say) 100,000 soldiers to conquer a country of 25 million to "liberate it" - as if a population in such numbers could not have made short work of the Saddam regime of fear had it wanted to. The same politics-fearing passivity in the face of violent facts of Nature greeted Americans and the Arab terrorists in Iraq (giving them that false sense of security) as had greeted Alaric's barbarians on their grand 'tour de force' through the sulking shell of a 'Roman Empire' after 378 AD, or the Western imperialists of the 19th century who were roaming around the Qing China - "doing business" with treasure charts, bibles and guns, swirling around the stunned Chinese fellahs who either hated them or ignored them altogether, but who, ultimately, paid the bills of the barbarians in their own native blood (as they became the cannon fodder of willy private schemes they could never understand nor inwardly appreciate). The Qing became wise only in the end when they appropriated the popular anger.

Historian Hans Delbruck already discovered the fact that Germanic barbarians (and their lesser Scythian-type competitors from "Russia") were outnumbered at least 10-1 by the population-strength of the fallen Roman Imperium which could have been mustered to face-off the swarms of foreign private interests bent on plundering and ruling, but it never happened. As that inspired strongman, the Visigoth leader, Alarich, noted to those terrifying fellow-men (his commanders) with scars, animal skins and weaponry of various dreadful kind (both made and captured) forming his tribal council, "The thicker the grass - the easier to mow it." - a remark he contemptuously made upon observing the gathering of the masses of men mustered in panic by the haggardly Roman population of the nearby Alpine province of Rhaetia through which he would have to cross to reach Italy.

Alarich, Alp Arslan, Charles Gordon, Blackwater Securities, etc. - figure all the same from this high vantage point.

As for the fact that private interests found it convenient to jump on the bandwagon of national security to exploit the "Iraq War" of the 2nd Bush leadership facade, I will quote Hedrick Smith's "The Power Game":

"About the same time [1974] court decisions made it legal for government contractors to have PACs
(a practice previously barred for fear that the PACs of government contractors would be used to buy influence).
The court decisions making corporate PACs legal was a watershed." [p.32]

These PAC's and similar lobby groups (some with direct access to the White House) have profited from the war in Iraq. The good of the American public has nothing to do with it.

It ought to come as no surprise that a super-liberal Warren Court (which opened the legal floodgates to the lowest strata of America's societies) would make such stupendous concessions (on PACs) to the top-layers of interlocking corporate directorship class and its flock of financier-parvenus, for liberal Economic Socialism has always been the political battering ram for large-scale private interests based on financial assets who needed to expand against the old forces. The property-beholding class of the Southern plantation-aristocracy was a monumental obstacle to the expropriating power of money. The Gracchi brothers perhaps never knew why the Equites supported them in their social reforms.

History has always been shaped by power minorities of resolute force-men, men of fact, for whom death is not an obstacle. It always remains as the prima facie duty of the power of the minority circle to make itself spiritually in sync with its population-object and serve as the best representative of the community-interests of the whole (which cuts across social classes) - this alone makes a nation powerful - and in form for the tasks of History.

One example in this regard is the story of the Teutonic Knighthood, and its spiritual descendant-class of the Prussian Officer Corps (an extinguished being-stream since 1944/1947, which is why Germany is politically comatose).
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("Willing Individuals Advance On the Wings of Destiny - Unwilling Ones Stagger-on by Destiny's Coattails.")

"In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with God, and the Logos was God." - Gospel According To John
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