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Topic: An Anlysis of Tenets of Islamic Propaganda  (Read 6934 times)
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Facta Infecta Fieri Nequeunt!

« on: January 01, 2009, 08:07:00 PM »

"Living faith includes the doubt about itself, the courage to take this doubt into itself and the risk of courage." /Paul Tillich (Dynamics of Faith, p.102)/ Even Jesus so honestly expressed this doubt in those dark moments in the garden of Gethsemane. From that standpoint alone - one can consider modern American Christianity and its nemesis, Arabian Islam, as examples of something OTHER than living faiths - from a historical standpoint. The actual beliefs are something privately held and OTHER than the Orthodoxy. Islamic propaganda wants us to believe in an ahistorical truth, is aiming to convert Westerners with that! Has History lost the power of evidenciary analysis? Luther's motto: "Sola fides sufficit" /Justification by faith alone/ must still apply because nobody knows nor can know the whole truth, but the path to the Truth must be set rightly.by Seneca

I find it ironic that the following is written in the holy book of Islam, the Qur'an:

98.6.: "Those who reject (Truth), among the People of the Book and among the Polytheists, will be in Hell-Fire, to dwell therein. They are the worst of creatures."

What follows will give a hint as to why I find it ironic.

The famous Stoic philosopher, Marcus Aennius Seneca, once wrote "PER ASPERA AD ASTRA" ('through hardship/suffering towards the stars').

To which Anselmus of Canterbury (in Cure Deus Homo) added: "CREDO UT INTELLEGAM." /I believe to be able to understand/

All men of significance struggled in their lives towards success either in the intellectual or deeply practical spheres of existence. But it should not be too hard to unmask the political intent served by a religious garment in the modern Arabian interpreters of Quran who are trying to box Western achievements.

The component in the present day conflict with Islam (which although unstated by the Media is all the more pressing in reality) is the idea that Quran reported something unique for its time (1400 years ago) which has to be made to look like it is proof enough of God's handiwork.

But evidence (for which the public never has time) points to the contrary conclusion:

`Abdullah (b. Mas'ud) reported that Allah's Messenger ... said:

"Verily your creation is on this wise. The constituents of one of you are collected for forty days in his mother's womb in the form of blood [sperm?], after which it becomes a clot of blood in another period of forty days. Then it becomes a lump of flesh and forty days later Allah sends his angel to it ..."

- al-Bukhari, 8.593; Muslim Kitab an-Nikah, 2002

The above is a quote from past findings of ancient Islamic science of exegesis - and totally incorrect in terms of modern scientific finds.

Whither The Western Converts?

This brings me to my point of perplexity over the issue of Western "converts" to Islam and their participation in things foreign, Islamic in nature.

How could they choose a petrified religious remnant of a once glittering (but to them totally foreign) Arabian Civilization - whose historical time has passed long ago? Perhaps the converts, although ostensibly Western in nature, are not steeped in Western ways, are not proud of their European ancestry and are aghast at witnessing the double-faced nature of the Western relationship with the generally spiritually-low and generally greedy Muslim orbis terrarum (the world of the spiritual Fellahdom). This Arab "Ummah" (the circle of the spiritualy elect of the Islamic universe) is double-faced in the sense that while money-dealings are paramount - religion excuses everything. This religiously-sanctioned hypocrisy is exploited by Western ruling circles hand over fist in deals with the Arab and south Asian Muslim potentates (and their families) in these cynical oil, finance, joint venture and construction deals designed for raw profit at the expense of every other statesmanlike consideration in total oblivion to the ongoing spiritual war between the West and the (Middle-) East.

Academics share a duty to pursue and speak the Truth - even if it is dire (which is often the case). It is a fact that Western cultural values are symbolically and livingly incompatible with Islamic cultural values - no less than Emperor Hadrian's ill-fated new Pagan Jerusalem City project known as 'Aelia Capitolina' had been in contrast to the indigenous Hebrew-Aramean (Jewish) historical town grown around the Temple of Solomon (Jerusalem proper)].

Without going into the political details of filthy geopolitical horse-trading (for the sake of which small countries are thrown under the bus - and Saudi power is extending into the Balkans) it suffices to say that the corrupt ruling clique of Saudi Arabia (including its terror-enthralled minions, and lesser peers - like the Kuwaiti emirs) and their perfidious counterparts in Western capitals, in which parts of Europe and America are sold-off and contracts won in turn, financing the rising propaganda power of Islam (which is very effective, and squarely pointed against everything non-Islamic in origin or tendency) - but evaluated not against the intellectual Islam of the brilliant age contemporary with the so-called European 'Middle Ages' - but instead weighed against the primitive thought of the crudely-interpreted, half-educated and glorified camelback readings of the Quran that are effectively disseminated for desperate human herds, the masses in a terrifying sense - among whom always lurk those psychotic, part-thoughtless, but all the more tense, would-be legions of Islamic kamikazes. Only from such quasi-intellectual background do these comical literal interpretations of Islam spring - those that are in all seriousness blow-horned from atop the bully-pulpits of mosques. American leaders are promoting "their" Arabs against the influence of northern ones under the natural Russian patronage.

The 'Alaqa' Controversy (The Failed 'Quranic Embryology' Proof Attempt)

For example, never mind the fact an ancient science of Quranic exegesis (the science of interpolation of religious texts by the great schools) is extinguished, and we are told from the mosque pulpits in all seriousness that the Quranic word 'alaqa' is a proof that God wrote the Quran because only He would have been in the position to know that those 'blod clots' (alaqas) are the same as 'clinging cells' (which is what the propaganda wants us to believe) which is not what the Quran instructs! Again, never mind that the Arabic word "alaqa" has nothing to do with the exclusively Western discovery of the fact of cellular structure of all life (and of the Western numen "cell" assigned to this discovery in deference to the Latin word "cella" which had designated the enclosed inner room of pagan temples) - 'alaqa' has nothing to do with "cell".

In fact, the entire skimpy set of speculatively extracted Quranic quotations regarding embryology - as far as my examination could determine - reveals the overwhelming presence of ancient Greek medical misconceptions, most notably of Galen (Hadrian's personal physician who had his own famous clinic in the Anatolian city of Pergamum).

"The final stage of human development which the Qur'an describes is the reation of bones, and the clothing of bones with flesh. However,according to modern embryologists including Prof. Moore, the tissue from which bone originates, known as mesoderm, is the same tissue as that from which muscle ("flesh") develops [K. L. Moore, op. cit.(1998), pp. 56, 63, chapters 15 and 16]. Thus bone and muscles begin to develop simultaneously, rather than sequentially. Whereas however most of the muscle tissue that we have is laid down before birth, bones continue to develop and calcify (strengthen with calcium) right into one's teenage years. So far from bones being clothed with flesh, it would be more accurate if the Qur'an had said that muscles started to develop at the same time as bones, but completed their development earlier. The idea that bones are clothed with flesh is not only scientifically completely false, but is directly copied from the ancient Greek doctor Galen."

- according to the research by a noted British doctor "Lactantius"

But, the methodic soul, legendary Greek physician Galen reported the following (identical in finding to the Islamic ideas):

"The time has come for nature to articulate the organs precisely and to bring all the parts to completion. Thus it caused flesh to grow on and around all the bones, and at the same time ... it made at the ends of the bones ligaments that bind them to each other, and along their entire length it placed around them on all sides thin membranes, called periosteal, on which it caused flesh to grow."

- Corpus Medicorum Graecorum: Galeni de Semine (Galen: On Semen)

Modern Islamic theology ought to keep a dignified stance and confine itself to the symbolic interpretation of the Quran, as an Islamic scholar, Dr. Naik of India, stated: "Quran is a book of signs - not a book of science." But the Arab demagogues in the preacher garb want us to believe that Prophet Muhammed was an illiterate ignoramus who could only have produced his successes by an act of providential Divine intervention and not on the strength of his talents (but this had to be - to justify the Islamic World-view in which a sovereign human personality in the Western sense never existed as it was inconceivable).

The Incompatible Nature of Islam And The European Civilization

So what factors influenced the converts' decision to become, ostensibly, Muslim ? This personal act is there to please something, isn't it? - and no less than those numerous conversion-pronouncements, so fashionable among Americans, smacking of shallow pleasure-seeking conversions for the immediate cleansing of sins. It produces sects on the strength of momentary enthusiasm for a novel interpretation of another select or obscure line from a religious collection, which is fit for religious demagogues but not for the deeply personal, deeply portrait-oriented, biographical souls of true men of the Western Culture - those of the cast of men for whom Martin Luther's great Protestant revolution in the 1500's provided a grim liberation from the powers of (Roman) priesthood - handing his followers to a lifelong quest for salvation along the pathway of continuous, self-doubting, self-overcoming, proud self-confession series - the dialogue with oneself, the wrestle with oneself, being one's own priest - as every portrait by Rembrandt reveals for those with the soulful eyes to perceive.

What I find saddest of all - is that their external imprisonment under a ton of Islamic etiquette, vacuous pageantry (of the kind that British royals indulge in - in another sense) and punctual adherence to religious customs that have their origin far away from any possibility of a Western understanding (and yet - perhaps only because of the spiritual death of the West in modern times are such exercises even tolerable?!) - is matched only by their spiritual destitueness because their conversion did not make them into better persons, nor did it give them much happiness - for all the old problems are still there and plaguing them - and they quixotically seek companionship in the last analysis because they cannot stand on their own.

Historically speaking, Islamic theological foundation was built in the period of 0 to 500 AD and not after Muhammed, because the metaphysical stock of ideas upon which the Quran is premised grew-up on ancient Christian soil. Therefore, Islam has always been organized into brotherhoods for whom "Holy War" was raison d'etre, just as early Christian, Jewish, "Oriental-Pagan," and lesser Aramean sects were actual orders of the electi of a hidden faith for whom the war on unbelievers was an essential tenet of religious mandate. The late "Roman" persecutions of Christians must be viewed in this light (as well as the Christian persecutions of the opposition).

Architectural elements reveal the opposition of Islam and Europe, the cupola versus the flying buttress, the algebraic number-variable versus the differential integer, magic circle versus Infinity, a melted down Ego in submission versus an upright Ego in conquest...

The Janissary Paradigm: A Historically-Effective Conversion

There had been one successful example of a conversion-policy which was more of a State's race-policy than a strictly religious policy. The Turkish race-policy was known in the Balkan tradition as "tribute in blood" whereby the Turkish horsemen swooped select Christian villages to kidnap healthy boys of sound stock in order to raise them in Istanbul as 'children of the Sultan' - to become the elite crackforce of Turkish Janissaries whose determination to die under the green banners of Islam and to impress their spiritual leader at the Porte (the Sultan) produced singular acts of heroism and self-sacrifice in battle, This was a far more effective form of conversion (never mind the occasional nightmares by some Janissaries in which they saw their mothers sobbing and screaming as their boys were snatched away from their bosoms) - than the one that loads all the messy personal baggage along into the spiritual bazaar with a hope of sticking. Janissary boys were raised by a far more subtly intelligent Islam (Sufi training) than the one that today trains Islamic fighters - which makes converts unreliable (none of the major successful terrorist acts against the West have so far been committed by Western converts).

But, "PARVA LEVES CAPIUNT ANIMOS" ('insignificant spirits are won over by petty acts' - as philosopher/poet Ovidius stated) - and this may be the reason why Western converts have made no name for themselves. One need not have outward acts of religious nature to amount to something - as long as he is, a priori, a something (possessing spiritual substance - the fuelof History).

Protestant theologian Paul Tillich stated in "Dynamics of Faith" (p.42):

"Knowledge of reality has never the certitude of complete evidence. The process of knowing is infinite. Characteristic of [symbolic view] is that it opens up levels of reality which otherwise are closed to us. All arts create symbols for a level of reality which cannot be reached in any other way [by a
human mind]. A picture and a poem reveal elements of reality which cannot be approached scientifically. There are within us dimensions of which we cannot become aware except through symbols, as melodies and rhythms in music [which (I might add) are resonant in race-differences]."
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