Man fatally injured by a freight train in the Gorodok district

A resident of Haradok district fatally injured by a freight train passing.

Deadly tragedy occurred on the evening of 12 January in the vicinity of the station Gribachi.

About it informs the press service of ATC Vitebsk regional Executive Committee. As it became known, law enforcement authorities information about the incident was received from a dispatcher of the railway.

It was found that a young man born in 1997 came from Vitebsk station Gribachi. He planned to walk to his village, which is located a few kilometers from the station.

The villagers walked along the footpath along the railway tracks. The engineer of a freight train, which followed in Russia, was seen running and signaled to the young man, applying the emergency brake.

However, the tragedy occurred. As noted, the man had discovered the ear-tips.

Law enforcement officers began to investigate the circumstances of the incident.

Photo: © Banowati

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