‘Mouth blood, the face is pretty bruised up”. In Odessa the drunk nanny was beaten one year old baby

Doctors who arrived on the scene, immediately said: the kid has a strong kick from fist.

The shocking incident took place in Odessa on the 4th of January. Mother of two blames a babysitter, that terrible image came to her one year old child. This parent said on Facebook.

On that fateful day she was at work. In the afternoon the nanny called her and asked for the day off tomorrow in connection with a stroke from his father. An hour later, the boy’s mother began to call the nurse, but she didn’t answer. This forced her to drop everything and come home.

Before the eyes of the women turned around a terrible picture: the nanny was lying drunk on the bed, and nearby a child was crying. His face was completely covered with blood:

“Taking the child in his hands and examining his face, my heart sank. My one-year-old mouth of blood, the left side of the face is swollen and bruising. I called the police and an ambulance, locked the door to the creature waited for the police. Drunk she doused me with mud and everything they can, saying that the child was”

Stunned, the woman immediately called an ambulance. Doctors noted that the child has received a severe punch to the head. The consequences of such injuries can be very sad.

As it turned out, the nanny was in the account at the psychiatrist.

Photo: © Banowati

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