Near Vitebsk twice crushed the man. Looking for witnesses

Investigators are looking for citizens who could become witnesses of a fatal road accident in Vitebsk region. In the accident that occurred the evening of December 15, killed a man, – informed the representatives of the USK in the Vitebsk region.

It is known that the incident occurred on the eighth kilometer of the road P21 Vitebsk-border of Russia (Liozno). At approximately 23:15, two driver cars, alternately ran over the pedestrian, who was on the roadway.

Crushed the man 40-year-old driver of the Citroen Saxo and 41-year-old driver of the Dodge Caliber. From his injuries a 61-year-old pedestrian died at the scene. For both of the drivers prosecuted.

For clarification of all circumstances of the incident witnesses of the accident are asked to report it by phone 37533 399-80-44 and (0212)46-20-40.

Photo: USK in the Vitebsk region

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