New year’s eve killed the owner of fantasy farm Litovka near Novogrudok

A well-known businessman Sergey Koval died in new year’s eve.

The media reported that a possible cause of death is suicide. The body of a businessman was found in his apartment in Novogrudok.

Official information about the incident yet.

Sergey Koval was founded on the farm of Lithuanian phantasmagoric place. Across the estate was placed original sculptures, the interiors of the houses became like mystical films. A beautiful place to visit anyone absolutely free.

The unusual Museum was donated to the city in 2017. However, last fall Koval announced the closure of fantasy farm. According to the founder, he received numerous complaints from local residents.

This New year Sergey Kovalev celebrated one. What was the reason for this desperate act is still unknown. At the scene, investigators are working.

Photo: © Banowati

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