New York in a panic: a transformer explosion took the alien invasion

After a transformer explosion among new Yorkers began a real panic.

In the social network Twitter began to appear in videos and photos with dark blue flashes in the sky. People have perceived the anomaly was an invasion, because the blue sky in Hollywood blockbusters exactly that means.

In the city began to panic. According to eyewitnesses, at first there was a roar, followed by a prolonged rumble and the sky appeared a flash.

It is noted that sky has gained an unnaturally blue hue – dark night became bright.

Crowds of people began to run out of the house, some took a bag with things. The residents thought that the representatives of alien civilization decided to visit our planet.

Later, it became known that the explosion was generated by the transformer. As stated by the mayor of new York bill de Blasio , the blue light was caused by an electric current at the substation.

Photo: @KenFerrante / Twitter


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