Pedestrian provoked a frontal accident in the Postavy district

In the Postavy district due to pedestrian head-on collided with two cars.

About this informed the press-service UGAI ATC Vitebsk regional Executive Committee. As it became known, a traffic accident occurred the evening of 25 December.

The driver while driving the motor vehicle brand “Renault Laguna”, was moving along the road P-27 “Braslav-Postavy-Myadel”.

According to preliminary information, at 85 km, the car made arrival on suddenly came to the carriageway a pedestrian.

It is reported that the accident the car was carried on a strip of oncoming traffic. Then there was a collision with a car “Lada Largus”.

As a result dorozhno-transport incident has suffered 35-the summer woman-the pedestrian who got injuries of varying severity were hospitalized in the intensive care unit of the hospital.

In fact the incident started checking.

Photo: © Banowati


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