Poland has closed more than 50 institutions after the deaths of Schoolgirls on a quest

In the city of Koszalin, after the tragic death of five Schoolgirls, the police checked the safety of some entertainment.

Recall that in Poland recently there was a terrible incident that claimed the lives of five girls. 15-year-old school girls decided to participate in quest. For this they were isolated in a special room, where you had to solve logic puzzles. However, the room started leaking gas from cylinders, which the fire broke out.

Teenagers are unable to get out of a closed room and died.

As has established a consequence, in each of the quest rooms was discovered more than four security breaches. So, the police are now checking other institutions engaged in similar business.

The police have already visited 400 of 548 institutions. More than fifty of them after the check was closed.

Photo: © Banowati

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