“Police with the ruble” has again headed the Russian hire

It became known that the Russian Comedy “a police officer with the ruble” – the leader in theaters in the last weekend of the year. The movie has collected more than 245 million Russian rubles.

In a new film about the police “Barvikha North” who want to close in the New year. The main character, Grisha Izmailov going along with the operations group to Rob a Bank. He hopes that his work colleagues along with a boss, Colonel Vladimir Yakovlev will be able to easily solve this case. In the end, the money they will return and all will keep their jobs next year. However, things did not go as planned Izmailov.

Second place in the ranking went to the Comedy film “the Last Tree”. The creators have collected of 193.1 million Russian rubles. Third place – animated film, “the Grinch”, which was inspired by the Dr. seuss book “How the Grinch stole Christmas.” He gathered 128,3 million Russian rubles.

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