Road deaths: the death of a well-known entrepreneur Yevgeny Novoseletsky

Co-owner of “the 5th element” was killed in an accident.

About this on his page in Facebook said the Chairman of the Supreme coordination Council of the “Republican Confederation of entrepreneurship” Vladimir Karyagin.

Vladimir Karyakin in his message noted that Eugene Novoseletsky died as a result of a traffic accident. The cause of the accident, the elk ran across the road, and one of the drivers, circling the animal on the track, was forced to go into the oncoming lane, collided with the car of the businessman.

As noted earlier, the lost businessman was in the top 200 most famous entrepreneurs according to “Ezhednevnik”.

It is also known that Novoseletsky took an active part in the creation of the ethno-cultural complex “Sediment”, which is located on the territory of national Park “Narochansky”.

Photo: © Banowati

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