“Rough brother” for 9 years raped sister under the noses of parents

The older brother scoffed at the girl before her 12 th birthday.

22-year-old girl was able to talk about rape brother started abusing her when she was only three years.

About this informed the Russian mass media with reference to the newspaper the Mirror. Reportedly, the brother mocked his little sister up to her 12th anniversary.

Grown-up girl in one day managed to say no to the harassment of his brother.

It also became known that in the moments when the brother raped the sister, the girl’s parents were at home on the ground floor, they even could not think that the senior “exemplary” brother to bully sister.

The girl confessed to the mother only at age 18. The young man was arrested. According to sources, the family stopped all contact with the abuser.

Photo: © Banowati

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