“She did not respond”: the killer of the Vice-champion of Russia in swimming called the cause of the attack

Became known details of the murder of 16-year-old Vice-champion of Russia in swimming among juniors Safiya of Askarova.

As it turned out, that fateful night she was called to walk the familiar. Long time boyfriend took a beauty, but she did not reciprocate.

To place all points over “And” teen athlete was invited for a serious discussion on the vacant lot next to her house. After a quarrel went in the course of the knife that young man in advance and stashed in your pocket. He caused the athlete 30 wounds, why she died on the spot.

After that, he took all her valuables and fled.

“I talked to her about how to resume relations, but it wouldn’t budge. She made a final conclusion that we must part. Said, “fuck you!”, then I got a knife. She turned and tried to escape”

At the time of the crime the student has not reached the age of majority, and therefore the court, if found guilty, will sentence him to 2/3 of the maximum term under article “Murder”.

Photo: © Banowati

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