Shock in Russian: man raped 9-month-old daughter of his friend

The baby was taken to the hospital with a diagnosis of rectal bleeding.

Shocking case has occurred in Volgograd, one of the local hostels.

The drunk man raped 9-month-old baby perverse way. 49-year-old man raped child in a time when 30-year-old mother went to the store.

Perhaps the woman intended to buy the next portion of alcohol.

After returning home, the woman heard the shrill cry of a child, but understood the reason of crying of the baby when changing the diaper and saw a lot of blood.

The neighbor tried to call the police, but the mother for some time begged her not to, the woman was afraid that she will take the fifth child.

The police arrested the rapist. In fact the incident a criminal case. The offender confessed to the crime and told police that he this way tried to hush the little girl, she woke up and was crying loudly, and he took care of her.

Photo: © Banowati

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