Teen ten days wandered in a foreign country, because I was embarrassed to ask for directions

A curious incident occurred in Singapore.

18-year-old Malaysian came to visit a friend, but got lost in a new city, when he went alone to dine.

For a snack he decided to choose the nearest cafe, so all the documents and phone left at home.

Wandering in search of a suitable cafe, the guy got lost and forgot the address of a friend. He had only 50 Singapore dollars (about 80 Belarusian rubles).

Instead of directions from local residents, he in the anguish, wandered about the streets.

Admitted as a young man:

– I’m a shy person. I don’t know what kind of people Singaporeans, so did not dare to talk to them or ask the phone to call.

For 10 days, he ate only rice with tofu from street shops – the cheapest he could afford. Went to the free public toilets, sleeping in shopping centers and in the courts.

Only at the end when he completely ran out of money, he decided to borrow from local residents. However, even then confessed that he was lost. By this time the city has organized large-scale search operation.

Photo: pixa bay

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