Terrible accident near Gomel, killing wife, daughter in hospital

A terrible fatal accident occurred in the Gomel area. The car came under a truck, killing two people. About this informed the official representative of the USK in the Gomel region Maria Krivonogova.

It is reported that the accident happened on Monday, December 24, at about four in the afternoon. On the 79-kilometer road border of the Russian Federation – Gomel – Kobrin driver “Kia” lost control of car, drove the oncoming lane, where it crashed into the truck “Scania”.

The collision killed 50-year-old driver and his 48-year-old wife. A passenger – 24-year-old daughter of the couple were taken to the hospital. The family lived in Rechitsa.

Upon accident criminal case is brought. Law enforcement officers asked the citizens who could become witness an accident, report it by phone (80232) 69-31-23, (8029) 345-29-37, (8044) 772-75-45.

Photo: Investigative Committee

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