The baby was recovered only because at Christmas the doctors postponed his trip

Story that happened with little Tony Hajela a few years ago, is a true example of a Christmas miracle.

The child wasn’t lucky with their biological parents. The boy was taken to the hospital after 24-year-old Jody Simpson and 47-year-old Tony Smith was nearly tortured him to death. For this they were deprived of their parental rights and sent to prison for ten years.

The doctors were sure that the victim is a child hopeless. After he was severely beaten, he was on the verge of life and death. Multiple fractures had led to what Tony had to amputate his legs, but he still developed sepsis and multiple organ failure.

Hope that baby come out of his coma, it was not. The chief gave the order to disconnect the child from the ventilator to stop the suffering.

This procedure requires that the court’s decision. Before Christmas, the authority worked. So, the doctors decided to wait.

And a miracle happened now – Tony opened his eyes. Every day he was getting better and better. The boy went very fast on the mend, and soon he had new parents.

This year he will go to school. The foster family (pictured) is confident that Tony will Excel in studies and prove that it is not so important, how did you start your life — it’s how you live now.

Photo: Phil Harris

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