The body half-naked 19-year-old student was found in the suitcase at the bottom of the dumpster

A brutal murder was committed in the Ukrainian Dnipro.

A local man searched the trash in the garbage and found the suitcase that was laying on the bottom. Terrible discovery made him immediately turn to law enforcement authorities.

The unknown shoved the half-naked corpse of a young girl in a suitcase and threw it in the trash. Surprisingly, traces of violent death were found on the body.

The investigation found that the deceased 19-year-old girl was a student at city College. She is a native of Kharkov.

This New year she went to celebrate with their friends in Kiev. Last time she contacted 3 and was informed the family that Packed a bag and is on his way home.

Through the day her cell phone was disconnected. On this fact opened a criminal case.


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