The case of bribery: will judge Director of the center for Paralympic sports

The police have completed the investigation of the criminal case against the head of the corrupt. Appear before the court, the Director of the Republican Olympic training center for Paralympic and Deaflympic sports. This was informed in the press service of the Investigative Committee.

The investigation revealed the following details of the crime. Head coach of the national team Invasport Republican center received a reward for the successful performance of athletes at the Paralympic games in South Korea.

A female Director would squander part of the money, demanding to pay her $ 15,000. Otherwise, she threatened to fire a 37-year-old coach. Have bribetakers have a twin sister. It in April of this year, the coach gave the requested amount of money.

It turned out that the sister is also prone to corruption. She has already personally asked the coach to convey to the Director an additional 5,000 dollars. But he refused. In the end, the head of centre and her sister will answer for their actions in court.

Photo: Investigative Committee

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