The client asked for a haircut as in the video, but the stylist understood it too literally

Blogger Tian Xiu Bot published in the Chinese version of Twitter funny videos. It proves once again that misunderstandings between the client and the hairdresser – it’s not rare.

That day the man decided beautiful haircut and went to the salon. For this he chose a video, which shows the hero with the perfect, in his opinion, hairstyle.

Showing footage of the master, the client hit the pause button so that it is better considered a haircut. However, the master understood the request a little too literally. So, in the mind of the visitor formed button the “play/stop”.

A curious case the blogger was caught on video. It very quickly became viral. A few days gained about 80 thousand likes and more than 22 thousand posts.

However, the “victim” did not upset the occasion. From the barbershop, he went away cheerful.

Video: Weibo/Tian Xiu Bot

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