The first speech of the new Governor of California “ripped off” his two year old son

Social networking is gaining popularity the video with the inauguration of the new Governor of California Gavin Newsom.

The first performance Newsom in his new role was “thwarted” his two year old son. During a solemn speech, baby with a pacifier and a diaper came up on stage and went straight to the father. The politician did not panic and took the child in his arms. In the hall there was applause and laughter.

What is surprising is that in this moment Gavin spoke about child education and support to families.

Note that the heir of the new Governor of California before a large audience felt quite natural. Gavin lowered the Dutch on the floor so he went back to mother and older brother. But a cranky toddler was running around the stands, than has caused laughter in a hall.

Note that Gavin Newsom won the election in November last year. Two days ago, 7 January 2019, he came into a new position.

Video: TSN

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